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By Fiona Walker Reporter, BBC Scotland Investigates
4 hours ago

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Patients at a mental health unit have told the BBC they were pinned to the floor in agony and bullied on wards where illegal drugs were rife.

Former patients at the Carseview Centre in Dundee claimed staff had used face-down restraint violently and repeatedly over the past five years.

They said the practice was used for prolonged periods and patients were also mocked and shouted at by staff.

NHS Tayside said it would investigate the claims in full and "will act".

Systemic failures

Carseview is the biggest mental health unit in Tayside, with about 80 beds over five wards. Hundreds of patients a year are treated there.

The unit is already the subject of an independent inquiry into mental health services, after families of suicide victims campaigned for change.

A Fatal Accident Inquiry published last week into the death of Dale Thomson said there were "serious systemic failures in the care" he received at Carseview.

The latest allegations against Carseview centre feature in a BBC Scotland documentary, Breaking Point, which will be broadcast on Monday.

The BBC has spoken to 24 people who have been in the Carseview in the past five years.

Sixteen of them said they saw that illegal drugs were available at the unit.

Eleven patients said they had been unreasonably restrained face-down.

A further seven said they had seen this happening to other patients.

Guidelines say face-down restraint, which can restrict a patient's breathing, should last no longer than 10 minutes and should only be used as an absolute last resort.

There have been calls for it to be banned because of the risk it can physically harm patients, as well as re-traumatise people who have been victims of violence and abuse.

'It was like he was taking his frustration out on me'

Former youth worker Adele Douglas, from Forfar, was admitted to Carseview last year, after experiencing depression and anorexia.

She was on 24-hour suicide watch, and, after a serious attempt to take her own life, staff pinned her to the ground.

Adele said she shouted about being in pain and one member of staff reacted badly.

She said: "At this point I was going absolutely mad, then he'd lifted his hand and slapped me really hard on my thigh.

"When he slapped me he said, 'That's enough of that'.

"The guy was really rough with me. It was like he was taking his frustration out on me."

Adele, who is asthmatic, said she was struggling to breathe and that her knee was badly bruised by the way she was restrained.

She said a nurse later told her she had been held down for 45 minutes to an hour.

She said some of the staff were very professional but that she was pinned down in this way three times during her time in Carseview.

Illegal drugs on the ward "all the time"

Adele was one of the 16 patients who told the BBC that drugs were available inside the unit.

Marnie Stirling, who had two stays in Carseview, with anxiety and depression, also said she saw illegal drugs on the ward "all the time".

"It was rife," she said.

"Everyone was offered them. Cannabis was the easiest one to get."

'The restraints felt like punishments'

David Fong spent a month in the unit after experiencing psychosis in 2013.

He claimed staff used restraint violently and repeatedly during his time there.

David said: "The restraints in Carseview definitely did feel like punishments. I think it was also the nurses wanted to maintain their authority above the patients."

"It does cause trauma," he added. "Things you'll never forget."

'Not an acceptable approach'

The programme showed the testimony gathered by the BBC to two independent experts.

These individuals have never worked at Carseview and are not witnesses to conditions there but they described the allegations made by the patients as abusive.

Joy Duxbury is an expert on how the rules on restraint should be carried out in practice in the wards.

She said patients should not end up with burn marks like David's if restraint was carried out properly.

"Rubbing of a face in to a carpet is certainly not an acceptable approach and would never be taught as part of prevention and management of violence and aggression," she said.

'Once you get a culture like that, it's very difficult to move it'

Professor Peter Tyrer, who co-wrote the guidelines on how to handle mental health patients, said he was concerned the culture at Carseview had become so toxic it would be difficult to change.

"I know that there are various changes going on there but I think once you get a culture like that which has been there for a long time, it's very difficult to move it," he said.

'We will listen and we will act'

NHS Tayside said it was very concerned by the nature of the allegations.

It did not respond to the call for Carseview to be closed down.

It said it could not discuss "individual cases due to patient confidentiality" and would not be interviewed.

The health board said it would like to include the allegations in an ongoing independent inquiry into mental health services in Tayside.

Chairman John Brown said: "We take any concerns raised with us very seriously and we want to be able to investigate people's experiences in detail and take any appropriate action.

"That is why I would encourage patients to come forward and share their own stories with us. We will listen and we will act."

Breaking Point will be broadcast on BBC One Scotland at 20:30 on Monday 9 July, and afterwards on the BBC iPlayer.

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> Student Life > Attendance

Important Attendance Procedures for Parents

Going Home Sick

Students who become ill or injured during the school day must request a pass from the classroom teacher in order to access the School Nurse. The nurse will then determine whether the student must go home due to illness. If the nurse decides the student should go home, she will contact the parent/guardian. It will be established at that time how the student will be transported home. Students are not to contact parents via phone call or text before they have seen the nurse. The nurse will instruct the student to go to their locker to obtain their belongings and then Attendance Office to sign out.

If a student wants to come to school during the day in which they have previously been called out, a call from the parent/guardian must be received in the Attendance Office PRIOR to the student’s arrival back in school. It may be necessary upon their arrival, for the school nurse to evaluate the health of the student to ensure they are well enough to be in school.

Checking a Student Out of School

Students must have a PTL pass (Permit to leave) in order for them to leave the campus during school hours. Please try to schedule appointments after school hours. Students arriving late to class or leaving class early disrupt the classroom. If your student must leave campus early, call the Attendance Office at 377-9928 or email: the previous day or by 9:30a.m.on the requested day. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to pick up their PTL at the Attendance Office window before school, at break or at lunch. If you cannot call, and choose to come to the office to pick up your student, please allow plenty of time for us to get the student out of class. Classes are not always in the assigned classrooms, or if the student is in a P.E. class he/she will need time to change clothing. It is always best to call first.

Absence Policy

Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process. policy states that students shall be in attendance at least 90% of the time that subject is taught in order to gain credit for that class. More than nine (9) absences in a semester may cause the student to lose credit and receive a mark of “NC” (no credit).

Types of absences that are counted toward the 90% rule

Types of absences that are not counted toward the 90% rule)

Tardy Policy

Bishop Kelly recommends that all students plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before the first bell rings. A student is tardy if he or she is not in the assigned classroom when the bell rings.

There are three types of tardies at Bishop Kelly:

1. Tardy (TD): No verifiable written, electronic or verbal notification.

2. Verified Tardy (VT): Tardy occurs with the knowledge and approval of the student’s parent/guardian. Parents are encouraged to call in to the school when they are aware of a situation that will make students late to class. Written, oral, or electronic communication from the parent/guardian is expected within two (2) school days of tardy.

3. Tardy Waived (TW): Tardy is waived due to confirmed (documented) medical reasons, in-school (with counselor, college recruiter, etc.) or school-sponsored activity.

Tardies which are caused by the late bus, either Bishop Kelly High School or city bus, shall not be counted on the student’s record. The principal or designee may also waive student tardies due to inclement weather or other extenuating circumstances.

Punctuality demonstrates respect and courtesy to your teacher and classmates. A student is tardy if he or she is not in their classroom when the second bell rings.

Tardies are cumulative across all classes. This total will include both verified tardies (VT) and tardies without verification (TD). Beginning with the fifth tardy, a total of both types, the student will serve a lunch detention and their parents will be notified. After five tardies, consequences for additional tardies are subject to the discretion of the administration.

A student who is ten (10) or more minutes late to class will be considered absent.

Bishop Kelly Attendance Policies can also be found in the Bishop Kelly Student Handbook. The Handbook can be found on this website under “Student Life”. Students also have a copy of the Student Handbook within their School Agenda.

For a complete list of BK Policies regarding admission attendance, student behavior and discipline, and student safety click here.

Pre-arranged Absence Forms

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Hospital Visiting Hours

Visiting hours differ from location to location. Male British Brush Toe Grained Ankletop Boots outlet high quality under 50 dollars official site cheap price Manchester online get authentic cheap online SZWQS

Our patients are at the center of everything we do. We listen to our patients and their families and strive to meet your needs by providing patient-centered care that keeps you safe, promotes your healing, and includes, informs and inspires you. Carolinas HealthCare System does this in many ways, and a few are featured here.

Have you had a powerful connection with our health system? If you'd like to share it, we'd love to hear it.

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Learn about our other mobile apps , including our health tracker and asthma game for kids.

As you prepare for your visit, take a look at the key information we’ve provided to help make your experience better and easier. Some items you can even take care of before your visit to save time.

Frequently Asked Questions Find answers to questions regarding pre-registration, health insurance and general information.

Online Pre-Registration Completing your pre-registration online will help you move more quickly through the registration process and to the treatment area on the day of your service.

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Contact the Patient Registration staff to ask any additional questions regarding your scheduled service.

Find information about the rights you have as a patient, in addition to information about advance care directives .

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