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Multimedia Accents & Communications

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MACOM Technologies - Multimedia Accents & Communications


Audio / Video, Structured Cabling, & Electronics Integration


The drive behind MACOM Technologies is the desire and needs of the consumer market to own and understand audio / video electronics and structured wiring systems.  Their enjoyment and needs fueled by the demand for superior service and quality products, is surpassed only by our pride and commitment to excellence in our market.


We as a company understand that in the field of electronics integration, a constantly evolving entity, we must continually strive to maintain current and accurate knowledge of products and services vital to this industry.  Whether it is a complete multimedia distribution center or simply a new television for our customers to enjoy, it is our mission to take extra care in giving them the information and understanding they require.  Truly this business is not only our occupation but something we honestly enjoy.


Our members are well versed in professional quality installation techniques and practices.  Projects taken on by our company are checked periodically through the phases of construction for accuracy and the highest level of service.  Customers can feel assured when dealing with our company that their questions and concerns will be given professional answers and attention.  We at MACOM Technologies value your experience with us and hope to provide you the satisfaction you are seeking and the joy you can share.

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